Management of Change

Management of change is a much discussed, yet controversial term. Most people do not like change. However, we simply cannot do without it. Our lifestyle, our economy, even our culture is based on change. Without change we would still be chasing bears and living in caves. Within our organizations we simply have to deal with changes. Black Belts face an everlasting flow of changing requests from customers and managers on price pressure, costs cutting and innovations. As a consumer we all want our TVs to get larger, thinner and cheaper. We all want our computers to become smaller, faster and (again) cheaper. A request for a passport and financial transactions need to go faster and we all want more cures and care without paying more. At the same time, many people have problems when these changes have an impact on their way of working.
Author: LSSA B.V.
Date: 10-06-2020

Download and Learn:

  • to learn the details of Management of Change S-Curve
  •  to understand the Organizational Culture
  •  to know the reasons to resist change
  •  to apply the Change Management approaches
  •  to learn make decisions by consensus