The Lean Six Sigma Academy digital badges are now available for successful candidates!

A digital badge is an online credential and it can be claimed by the successful candidates who have taken their exam with Lean Six Sigma Academy. Successful candidates can share the digital badge on social media including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The digital badge can also be embedded in the email signature or a digital CV. Just a few clicks, the certified skills and achievement of the successful candidates will be viewed by their future employers or any other relevant parties.

Sharing your achievement on social media

The sharing of a digital badge can demonstrate the following:

  • your professional and certified skills
  • your commitment to continuous improvement
  • your ambition to stay up-to-date with the current skills and knowledge

The Lean Six Sigma Academy has partnered with Exceed in order to deliver the digital badge.  Successful candidates only need to activate their Exceed account and be able to claim and share the digital badge in a few clicks.

How to claim your digital badge?

Download the full instruction guide HERE to claim your digital badge.
Share your success and skills online!


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