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The Lean Six Sigma Academy eLearning is now available for Yellow Belt!

Being the scheme owner of Lean Six Sigma, we believe in utilizing one uniform and internationally recognized standard for Lean Six Sigma training and certification. We connects accredited training providers, exam institutions and candidates with the aim of creating an open, professional and quality driven Lean Six Sigma knowledge community.

Lean Six Sigma Academy developed a high quality courseware series which includes reference books, exercise books, training handouts, games, templates and more for each job role within the Lean Six Sigma scheme. The training materials created by Lean Six Sigma Academy are not only aligned with each other to help students acquire a better understanding of the Lean Six Sigma Scheme but also designed to empower students to pass the corresponding certification exam. All of the Lean Six Sigma Scheme courseware is based on the skill sets and Continuous Improvement Maturity Model (CIMM). In order to enrich the learning experience of the candidates, we have partnered with Anewspring to develop the eLearning at Yellow Belt levels.


A new experience of following the Lean Six Sigma Training

  • self-paced e-learning
  • license is valid for 12 months and can be easliy extended
  • interactive learning journey with an assigned trainer
  • Stay in contact  with other candidates from your group

LSSA educational video included in the eLearning


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