Lean Six Sigma Belt-level Structure

Within the domain of Lean Six Sigma individuals can be trained and certified at different Belt-levels.

  1. Lean Yellow Belt – Awareness
  2. Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt – Awareness
  3. Lean Six Sigma Orange Belt – Foundation
  4. Lean Green Belt – Practitioner
  5. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt – Practitioner
  6. Lean Black Belt – Expert
  7. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt – Expert
  8. Master Black Belt – Master

For each level the LSSA Exam Board has developed a ‘Body of Knowledge’ (BOK) with clear criteria for skills and competences. These Bodies of Knowledge specify which of the overall Lean and Six Sigma techniques are expected to be included within certain Belt level competencies. For Lean Six Sigma Yellow and Orange Belt, only a theoretical certification process is provided. Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belts candidates can sign up for both the theoretical certification process as well as for the practical certification process. Signing up for the theoretical certification is a pre-requisite to subscribe for the practical certification.