The aim of this scheme is to teach people who are new to the automotive sector the way of working and basic concepts of the automotive industry. This scheme is also suitable for employees who are already working within the automotive sector in one specific area and who want to understand the broader framework of the automotive industry. This is achieved by teaching them the basic knowledge and required skills required in modern automotive development and manufacturing processes. The scheme was established through research among large automotive organizations, which showed that starting engineers in the industry often lack the specific Automotive knowledge.

Education level: Primary and higher professional education. This schedule contains only theoretical exam

Assessment criteria

  • Multiple choice format
  • Online Exam via our Exam Institute ECQA
  • The exam is in English and Dutch
  • 64 questions per exam
  • Closed-book exam
  • 120 minutes duration
  • To pass a learning element, at least 66% coverage of the answers provided for a learning element must be correct