Accredited training provider

This organization is accredited on the basis of LSSA strict standards and criteria.

Our platform represents a ‘community’ of individuals and professionals who are consciously engaged in their personal growth, meeting and supporting each other here. Our mission is to guide IT professionals towards mastery.

A very important distinguishing factor for us is our personal approach and individualized method. Connecting with your learning needs, knowing you personally, and staying involved in your development is what we strive for.

We can adapt flexibly to your specific needs in various ways. This can include the content of the training (customization, special themes), the format (classroom, online), flexible examination options, invoicing, etc.

Our motto is ‘you learn to ride a bike by riding, not by talking about it.’ This speaks volumes about our experiential training style. This approach and the results we achieve are, in our opinion, a second key distinguishing factor.

Experience is also central to our associates, our trainers, and coaches. No theoretical stories, but discussions, cases, exercises based on practical experience, their own practical experience. Always seeking to connect with your specific situation.