Minitab and Lean Six Sigma

The ultimate goal of applying Lean Six Sigma is to achieve operational excellence, such as to increase efficiency, to reduce cost, to shorten lead time and to improve quality. Questions are always raised when to apply Lean and when to apply Six Sigma. The improvement journey of organizations can be measured against the LSSA Continuous Improvement Maturity ModelTM (CIMM). By conducting the CIMM assessment, organizations know their current state and the level of maturity they want to reach. Reality shows that organizations first start with Lean to improve the efficiency to lay the foundation well, when they have more data, they can apply Six Sigma. Six Sigma techniques are used to reduce the variations to make the processes stable, manageable and predictable. In the long term, to improve the quality. Minitab gives the Six Sigma practitioners the tools they need to execute Lean Six Sigma projects efficiently.
Author: LSSA B.V.
Date: 05-05-2023