How can Lean Six Sigma add value to project professionals?

The concept of Project Management is general and there are different types of project managers. However If you happen to work as a project manager to solve problems or to improve the operational performance of a process, then the Lean Six Sigma skills shall be one of your competencies. If we look at the project management of today, one of the trends is data-driven project management. The first thing is to get the facts right and let the data speak for itself. At this level, the Lean Six Sigma can surely add value to the project professionals because lots of data is are involved at the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt levels. As emphasized in the LSSA Continuous Improvement Maturity Model, it is very important to also consider the human side. If we translate this into project management, the human side of the project team is also essential. The Change Management and Project Management are also elements of the LSSA Lean Six Sigma Climbing the Mountain book series. In these books, the models such as PDCA are used. It is also about how you build a team and how you perform change management. All these elements are not unfamiliar to the professional project managers.