Automotive Engineer

This scheme introduces the automotive industry as a whole, including aspects such as the history, characteristics, development stages, control in the production process, quality management and so on. This scheme consists of exams at Foundation and Practitioner levels. For this scheme, we work with exam institution ECQA.

This scheme contains only theoretical examination.

Exam Format

  • Multiple choice format
  • Online Exam via ECQA portal
  • The exam is in English and Dutch
  • 64 questions per exam
  • Closed-book exam
  • 120 minutes duration
  • To pass a learning element, at least 66% coverage of the answers provided for a learning element must be correct
Level Automotive Engineer Foundation and Practitioner
Content AE Foundation Skill Set v1.0 ; AE Practitioner Skill Set v1.0
List Price VET student: € 75,00 for Foundation; € 100,00 for Practitioner
List Price Working professional: € 150,00 for Foundation; € 200,00 for Practitioner