Within the domain of ‘Continuous Improvement’ individuals can be trained and certified at three different levels. These levels are called Lean Foundation, Lean Practitioner and Lean Expert.

Both training and examination is provided through a ‘Accredited Training Organizations’ (ATOs). It is recommended that candidates receive training through an ATO to prepare for certification. Alternatively, candidates who wish to self-study have the option to apply directly for certification.

Candidates are required to pass both elements to be recognized. Passing the theoretical exam is a pre-requisite to subscribe for the practical exam. Each level certification can be achieved independently. There are no pre-requisites and therefore does not require any prior completion of any other Level.

Please find the overview of levels and exam costs:

Level Theory Assessment Practical Assessment
Lean Foundation € 300.00     NA
Lean Practitioner € 400.00  € 400
Lean Expert € 450.00 € 450

Please note that candidates will receive different fee if they choose to follow training at one of our ATOs.