Lean Black Belt

Lean Black Belts are experts in executing Lean projects. As a program manager they are responsible for managing complex breakthrough projects and supporting improvement teams with tools and techniques. They have both skills for applying analytical tools and skills for leading change.

Education level required: Higher vocational education / university level

The certification consists of a theoretical element and a practical element. The full Lean Expert certificate requires sufficient achievement in both theoretical and practical element.

Theory Exam

  • Multiple choice format
  • 40 questions per paper
  • The exam is in English and in Dutch.
  • 25 marks or more required to pass
  • 120 minutes duration
  • Open book: only Lean reference book and training handouts (no eBook or Pdf’s)
  • Simple calculators are permitted for this exam.
  • Online exam with an invigilator is possible.

Practical Assessment

Within 3 years after passing the theoretical exam, candidates are required to submit their projects. The projects will be assessed by LSSA.

  • One successful project at CIMM Level-II or III per person
  • Projects must be digitally submitted in the LSSA standard review template
  • The project follows the DMAIC roadmap and consists of a maxium of 25 pages
  • The project shall result in significant savings (e.g. € 20,000) on a yearly basis.
  • Project must be signed-off by the Champion and Financial Controller, thereby declaring that the project is carried out professionally and that the savings have been achieved.
  • Projects must be in English or Dutch

We encourage you to have your project charter assessed in an early stage by an experienced (internal) Lean Expert before you submit the project for assessment.

Level Lean Black Belt
Content Skill set Lean Black Belt – v1.2
Price Theoretical exam
Practical exam
€ 450 p.p.
€ 450 p.p.
Note: a special price will be offered for ATOs and their affilitates.